Mathieu Sauve-Frankel

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I am an automation engineer with over 20 years of experience. Self-motivated and autonomous, I bring a broad mix of systems, networking and security experience to bear in my day to day activities. A wearer of many hats, I am constantly looking to challenge and improve myself.


TCP/IP, Unix/Linux, Kubernetes, Configuration Management, Terraform, CI/CD, git, IPsec, Firewalls, Oauth 2.0, Observability, AWS, GCP, Bare Metal

Work History

Woven by Toyota, Staff Infrastructure Engineer

2021 - Present

Lead Engineer for the Agora Platform Infrastructure team

  • Technical lead for cross-disciplinary team of 14 engineers in a larger team of 70+ engineers
  • Acted as chief recruiter, selecting resumes, grading take home challenges, conducting interviews and member of the recommending committee
  • Architected Multi-Region, multi-cluster kubernetes cluster using AWS EKS in IPv6 Mode
  • Worked with Build and Test engineers supporting a Bazel based monorepo build system for 200+ application engineers
  • Evaluated and implemented CI/CD solutions for kubernetes, including Flux and Prow
  • Worked with CI/CD team to build custom GitHub event handler software for custom CI/CD solution
  • Implemented automated Terraform CI/CD using Terragrunt and GitHub Actions
  • Implemented advanced GitHub actions security using Oauth 2.0 and GitHub Applications
  • Implemented Istio service mesh in a multi-cluster configuration using Gloo Mesh
  • Worked closely with security architects on platform threat model
  • Negotiated requirements with Woven City service teams

Fastly Japan KK, Principal Site Reliability Engineer

2015 - 2021 Worked as the technical lead for Fastly’s Automation engineering efforts.

  • Technical lead on infrastructure automation for Fastly’s edge product
  • Acted as architect and primary implementor for a multi year effort to rewrite Fastly’s production Chef code base from the ground up.
  • Trained and mentored dozens of engineers.
  • Designed and implemented developer and CI tooling for automated Chef development workflows
  • Designed and implemented cloud infrastructure for Chef and CI using Terraform + GCP + AWS
  • Designed a replacement for chef-vault using Hashicorp Vault as backend2
  • Worked as part of the SRE team responsible for Fastly's Data Plane.
  • On-call for several years, responded to both production and security incidents
  • Worked closely with service teams responsible for Fastly's Control Plane.

Qualcomm Japan, Staff Engineer, Office of the Chief Scientist

2010 - Present

Works as part of the Qualcomm Open Source Portal team, an engineering group responsible for Open Source Evangelism, Education and License Compliance

  • Technical lead for QOSP's operations team
  • Responsible for designing and implementing QOSP's automation and release infrastructure
  • Wrote test harness for QOSP's flagship product
  • Worked with QA engineers to implement automated testing
  • Wrote distributed source code mirror system for QOSP's flagship product
  • Wrote several tools to automate day-to-day operational tasks
  • Researched and evaluated many different open source technologies for potential use within QOSP's products
  • Worked as a point of contact with both internal and external vendors
  • Acted as primary decision maker for QOSP's hardware budget
  • Primarily responsible for QOSP's Continuous Integration infrastructure
  • Primarily responsible for QOSP's Chef Server infrastructure
  • Provided mentoring and guidance to members of both development and operations teams
  • Represented Qualcomm's interests at Chef community events
  • Wrote docker-based package builder used by several of QOSP's product lines

System Administrator, Newedge

2009 - 2010

Responsible for both Unix and Network administration duties at the largerst commodities brokerage in Japan.

  • Network implementations for colocated customers, included many visits to the Osaka Securities Exchange data centers
  • Firewall, Switch and Router administration
  • Linux server administrator for a variety of Financial applications
  • Replaced an aging Big Brother implementation with Nagios
  • Implemented Chef for Linux server management

Senior System Administrator, SBI Japannext

2007 - 2009

Worked as Senior System Administrator at a private stock exchange in Tokyo. My largets project was the design, implementation and launch of a new data center for the company's second production exchange.

  • Worked closely with hardware vendors to draft specification for 400 server data center
  • Designed the network architecture for new data center
  • Automated bare-metal deployment of stock exchange using puppet, cobbler and redhat
  • Mentored junior engineers on automation technologies and development practices
  • Implemented virtualized testing using Xen server and Cobbler
  • Wrote my own Puppet node classifier in Perl (yes, Perl)

Independent Consultant

2005 - 2007

Implementor of network security and systems management, with a focus on OpenBSD and networking equipment.

  • Implemented centralized authentication services with LDAP.
  • Implemented centralized logging infrastructure.
  • Implemented network monitoring with Nagios, Prelude and Snort.
  • Implemented fail over IPsec gateways and Firewalls with OpenBSD.
  • Implemented automated deployment systems with Puppet.
  • Day to day system administration and monitoring duties for selected customers

Network Technician, Penson Financial Services Canada Inc.


  • Responsible for networking infrastructure and Unix server infrastructure in a medium sized financial company.

  • Worked in a multi-site environment, Job responsibilities included frequent travel between Montreal and Toronto to maintain networked systems located at both in house and third party sites, such as the Toronto Stock Exchange.

  • Worked in an environment with many WAN connections, both to internal organizations, and external third parties. Acted as of point of contact with telecoms when troubleshooting problematic WAN links

  • Implemented dynamic routing between WAN sites, including OSPF, BGP, and PIM.

  • Built and maintained network monitoring and logging infrastructure using OpenBSD, RedHat Linux and Debian Linux

  • Helped organize and perform a staged move of over 200 users, including implementation of a structured cabling solution and a raised floor server room during a six month period of office renovations

  • Acted as a technical point of contact inside Penson helping in-house software developers troubleshoot issues with their software at the network layer

Network Administrator, SecureOps Inc


Solely responsible for the administration of SecureOps Network Security infrastructure (NIDS, VPN, Firewall) and the administration of their general purpose UNIX infrastructure (DNS, Mail, Web, Databases, File server, etc.) Also provided services to SecureOps customers which included network audits and Firewall/VPN administration.

  • Integrated various Unix intranet services with Windows 2000 Active Directory
  • Helped organize and execute the move of all of SecureOps' server infrastructure

Network Administrator, Philosophie Bleue Inc.


Primarily responsible for designing and implementing Philosophie Bleue's server infrastructure, including postmaster for 80 + domains and web server admin for 30+ domains.

  • Network, Server and Firewall administrator
  • Migrated multiple services from Windows NT 4.0 to OpenBSD (DNS, Web)
  • Researched and implemented network security measures (Firewalls/VPN Gateways & NIDS)

Professional Associations

Co-Founder Recon Security Conference

2005 - present

One of the founders and core organizers of a profitable computer security conference held annually in Montreal. Worked on all aspects of the conference, including speaker selection, media contact and promotion, provisioning, arranging the venue, conference network infrastructure, and volunteer staff co-ordination.

OpenBSD Developer


I worked extensively with the porting team, acting as package maintainer for over a hundred different software packages. I have also worked heavily with OpenBSD's IPsec tool chain and am actively developing improvements to OpenBSD's IPsec support.


  • A.E.P Network Administration - META2 Formation 2001
  • High School Diploma - MIND High School, Montreal 1992
  • Bilingual certificate (English/French) - MIND High School, Montreal 1992


  • English (Fluent)
  • French (Fluent)
  • Japanese (Basic)


  • Music (Guitar and Bass player)
  • Aikido (1st degree black belt)
  • Games (Board games and video games)